Building Trust in Science and Healthcare

Biobanks and medical institutions use AminoChain to provide information to various stakeholders, including biospecimen donors, and to facilitate transactions involving those donated specimens.

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A system for a better biospecimen donation experience

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Staying Informed

Keep up with the research and usage of your donated biological samples. Allowing you to learn about the significant impact your donation has had on the broader medical and scientific community.

Increasing Impact

We enable greater utilization of your donations without the need for tedious reconsenting processes or relying on broad and ethically questionable consent frameworks that lack transparency.

Benefit Sharing

Our system empowers you to effortlessly and automatically reap the rewards of both commercial and scientific benefits that arise from the invaluable contributions made by your donated samples.

Building Trust

By providing clear visibility into the entire journey of your donated biospecimen, we aim to foster trust in science and healthcare, establishing a foundation of trust one donor at a time.

Academic Biobanking

Flexible, ethical and IRB tailored research on biospecimens

Reduce the sunk cost of reconsenting and storage of specimens that are gridlocked by restrictive consent frameworks, while simultaneously fostering transparency and autonomy for the donor. Integrate AminoChain to enable ethical and elevated specimen utilization.

Effortless MTA and DUA execution

Achieve and implement agreements for the transfer of biospecimens and data, while eliminating any unnecessary complications or challenges.

Seamless integrations with LIMS, EMR, and databases

Combine existing data storage software with AminoChain, harnessing its benefits within established research and operational workflows. Contact our team to start using AminoChain.


For-Profit Biobanking

Procure specimens from your partnered sources in a single comprehensive view

Enhance your search by filtering potential samples based on their comprehensive multi-omic profiling, and ensure their integrity by verifying their origin and chain of custody, guaranteeing reliability and accuracy.


Relay usage information to de-identified donors

Encourage your organization to integrate AminoChain, a platform that enables participating donors in research studies to stay informed about the contributions and impact of their samples, all while maintaining the confidentiality of the donor's identity.

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